Cost Control Alliance is your best resource to ensure the accuracy of your company‚Äôs telecommunications and utilities invoices.  Our team of subject matter experts work together to maximize the cost effectiveness of the money you spend on all your voice and data services, as well as various utilities such as electricity, natural gas, water and sewer.  We are able to perform a thorough assessment of all your contracts, rates, subscriptions, packaging, and tariffs; and compare them to your demand and usage patterns for optimization.  We audit your current and historic invoices on a line-by-line basis, looking for errors and overcharges.  We search for any opportunities for you to reduce your spending without affecting your service.  We ensure that your company receives all entitled refunds from past billing overcharges.  We coordinate and manage the implementation of any of the cost savings opportunities we suggest upon your approvals.  And we monitor your future billings to ensure that you actually recover all your entitled refunds, also making sure that you fully realize your eligible cost reductions in invoices going forward.

Cost Control Alliance headquarters is located in Cary, North Carolina, USA.  If your company is based in the greater Research Triangle area, we will be happy to conduct a no-cost in-person review with you in your office to discuss your existing cost control concerns and situation, and to explain our services to you.  For those clients outside the local area, in most cases all correspondence is handled via teleconference, FAX, e-mail, and parcel delivery services at no extra cost to you.

You have nothing to lose and potentially a lot to gain.  With Cost Control Alliance, you and your company can rest assured that your telecommunications and utilities expenses are accurate and managed.  Contact us now!