Why outsource telecommunications and utilities auditing?

Theoretically, it might be possible to do this sort of cost control in-house.  But for 99% of today’s smaller to mid-sized businesses, it is impractical.  Your IT staff will understand the basics of your voice and data infrastructure and be able to catch some obvious errors if they have time to carefully review the bills each month.  Your facilities personnel will be able to do some meter reading cross-checks which can help identify some common utilities measurement errors.  And your financial controllers may be able to spot any unexplained variations from historical trends or double billings.  That is all good, but our experience shows this is inadequate.  About 80% of audit clients continue to suffer previously undetected overcharges.  You need auditors who are specialized and dedicated to understanding the industry-specific terminology and billing procedures.   Auditors must be committed to keep up with the ever-changing tariffs, available discount plans, promotions, and potential savings alternatives.  It is almost always financially unreasonable to hire and retain such specialized talent full-time.  Even the world’s largest corporations frequently choose to outsource this service to 3rd party auditors.


Why choose Cost Control Alliance for our auditing?

There are a number of services firms who are involved in auditing various aspects of company financials.  But their expertise is in other areas.  Cost Control Alliance is unique, because we are specialists in telecommunications and utilities.  Our auditing team has 18 years of experience doing well over 2500 such audits.  You cannot find a more qualified partner to ensure that your telecommunications and utilities costs are carefully scrutinized for accuracy.  We know the industry.  We know USOC codes and how to interpret all the details of CSRs and billings.  We know the tariffs.  We know the vendors.  We know the available rates, promotions, and discounts.  And we know the rules that dictate what refunds you are entitled to recover without question.


How much money can my company save if Cost Control Alliance performs an audit for us?

There is no way to know until an audit is actually performed.  Some clients emerge from our audit with only the satisfaction of knowing that their expenses are well under control with very little opportunity to realize additional savings.  But the experience of our auditors is that overcharges are discovered in approximately 4 out of 5 audits.  That means there is a fairly high probability your business will save real money by partnering with Cost Control Alliance.


How much will it cost my business for us to be audited by Cost Control Alliance?

The very exciting aspect of our business model at Cost Control Alliance is that in most cases we are able to offer the auditing service (typically a 6 to 8 week project) at no net cost to our clients.  We operate on a contingency basis.  If we perform an audit for you and zero savings opportunities were identified, you owe us nothing.  We get paid only if we find errors, cost reductions, or overcharges.  We share in your savings only after you actually recover your refunds or see your monthly billings reduced!  So in a nutshell, this means we work for FREE, unless we find savings opportunities and then we BOTH benefit from the experience.  This is a win-win scenario, and Cost Control Alliance is proud to offer this wonderful fee arrangement for our clients.   Contact us today and we’ll be happy to schedule a complementary fifteen minute appointment with you to discuss this more fully.  We would love to have YOU as our next business partner!